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El Grafico (Argentina)

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El Grafico, founded on May 30, 1919, is all-sports magazine, but football is the first priority. It is highly respected magazine, because of the high quality of the writing. Traditionally considered one of the best in the world. However, this applies to the 'old' weekly format - since 2002 it is monthly glossy publication, pretty much as everything else. Still club photos and historic articles are published, but the real wealth is in the old issues.



Good old El Grafico...
Plantel de la Selección Argentina de fútbol durante la Copa de las Naciones de 1964, disputada en Brasil. De izquierda a derecha: Antonio Rattín, Amadeo Carrizo, Alfredo Hugo Rojas, José Manuel Ramos Delgado, Roberto Telch, Vieitez, Prospitti, Ermindo Onega, Vidal, Carmelo Simeone, José Rendo.


Вы здесь » Fan pictures » Футбольные журналы/Football magazines » El Grafico (Argentina)

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